Samoa is one of our most economical destinations to travel to. Your group will experience a range of different accommodation styles during their time in Samoa. Our groups stay not only in a lovely Hotel in Apia, but travel to the Island of Savaii and sleep in traditional, open aired beach Fales!

Samoa gives students a wonderful cultural experience and understanding of how life is in Samoa – we like to include a village visit and a Sunday church visit in our itineraries to really connect with the local community. You will have the opportunity to visit a local school and swim with turtles in Savaii, plus experience the natural fun and beauty the islands offer at attractions such as To Sua Trench and Alofaaga Blowholes! In Samoa, we can also provide an opportunity for students to give back to the local community with service activities.





Rarotonga is a fantastic destination, especially if you are looking at tracing the Maori migration to New Zealand. See where the Waka left the Islands on their journey to Aotearoa and learn about the local Cook Island Maori culture and how that differs from New Zealand.

Rarotonga is a small island which also offers lots of opportunity for marine studies, swimming and snorkelling in the lagoon, or journey into the Islands’ mountainous centre on one of our popular Safari Tours! Our groups are also able to take part in lessons on local traditions, lay a traditional Umu, learn about sustainability and how reusing, reducing, recycling and reducing imports is so important to this little island nation. If you wish, add on the amazing island of Aitutaki for an extra special addition to your trip!





Come and experience Noumea - the Paris of the Pacific! A wonderful experience for the students, especially if you are introducing French as a language programme in your school as French is the main language spoken in New Caledonia!

Edventuretours groups are based in a local Hotel, with home-stay and French lesson options available for our High School students. For younger students, we can arrange for a French teacher to come into the hotel for a few hours of lessons. Students will get to work on their ‘conversational’ French language, while experiencing a new culture and destination. A highlight of the tour is a day trip to the beautiful Ameedee Island which allows for a day of snorkelling and swimming!





In Vanuatu our groups have the opportunity to stay at a small island resort, which is home to a marine sanctuary for part of their stay! While based on the island, you will have the opportunity for some great snorkelling! You will also visit the local village and school for a connection to the community, which is always a highlight!

Vanuatu has loads of attractions, from Ziplines, to shows on the traditional culture, to day trips out on the water, so is a destination that is great for students of all ages. For the second half of their stay the group will also have a chance to stay at a lovely Hotel located closer to the Port Vila township, which provides a great base for exploring the local markets and shops! Pick up some Bislama phrases – the national language, or try out your French – this is also one of the official languages of the islands!





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